A. Selecting High Quality Suppliers

Suppliers must fully comply with industry standards, and capable to meet related importer regulations. On the premise that having certificates such as BRC or HACCP certification qualification, its quality standards must pass through Sungiven Quality Control System, matching the philosophy of "respect nature and love mankind" and willing to provide "safe, reliable, delicious" food for global consumers together with Sungiven.

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二、 產品品質把控


1、 源頭把控:在大貨生產前,我們會先對原料進行驗貨,驗貨合格後才讓工廠進行生產包裝。

2、 生產過程把控:在生產過程中,我們還會對工廠的生產流程進行監管,讓工廠對不合理的生產流程進行更正。

3、 成品把控:貨到倉庫後還會對成品進行一次檢驗,看品質是否與生產時一致,內外包裝內容是否正確,日期列印是否正確。

B. Product Quality Control

In order to provide the customers with the best quality, Sungiven strictly supervises and manages from raw material to products ex-warehouse.

a) Source Control: We exam every lot of raw material before entering warehouse. Only the qualified material will be carried on to the product line.

b) Production Process Control: We will monitor the production process of the factory and let the factory to correct the unreasonable production process and kick out the defectives.

c) Finished Product Control: We will double check the package content, print date and so on, inspect the finished product randomly when it set in the warehouse, confirm whether the quality meet the standard.

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1、 入庫管理:有乾淨整齊的存貨庫區,合理有序的卸貨分類

2、 裝櫃管理:天酬員工在裝櫃時全程監裝,倉庫標準化裝櫃設備齊全,工人裝櫃時輕拿輕放,不踩踏貨物,最大程度利用貨櫃的空間,合理裝櫃。

C. Logistics Supervision

a) Warehouse Management: Warehouse has a clean and tidy stock area, a reasonable and orderly classification of discharge.

b) Loading Management: The process of loading container is under monitor. The warehouse has a full range of equipment and experienced workers, maximizing the space use and goods protection.

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